“Wardrop’s live video projections are both beautiful in themselves… and provide a brilliant sense of atmosphere.”  Kieran Hurely's Beats -The Telegraph



Jamie is collaborating on lighting/video design with Scottish theatre director Cora Bisset on a large outdoor spectacle in George Square, Glasgow for two weeks during the European Championships Festival 2018 in August. 

Jamie  has  been covering some stories for RT news agency Ruptly including an Arms Fair in Glasgow and the recent Art School Fire

"Jamie Wardrop's beautiful AV neon design adds a 3D surrealism." **** The List (Tribes, Solar Bear, Touring Theatre Production, 2015)

"Thanks to a superb use of lighting and projections, the piece has a compelling element of art installation that turns the entire white floor-cloth into a monochromatic landscape" ***** The Herald (For Now I Am - Marc Brew - Dance Performance at Tramway 2015)


"Glasgow artist Jamie Wardrop’s beautiful Rebirth Pool is an immersive soundscape and shifting graphic artwork, full of psychedelic shapes and ambient music"

Review in Exuent for ReBirth Pool presented at the CCA, Dec 2016