Glasgow Theatre And Arts Collective

4th Floor

7 Water Row



G51 3UW


Within Glasgow Theatre And Arts Collective Jamie manages Outlet Arts, an initiative that supports creative freelance professionals who need ready access to space without prohibitive and limiting rental costs. Outlet Art places

emphasis on those working in experimental and multi disciplinary fields.

 "As someone who has spent most of his theatre career working with emerging artists I know the importance of support in kind and the need for space for such artists to experiment and develop their work." Andy Arnold, Artistic Director, Tron Theatre

Current members of GTAC include: Bright Night International,  Lesley Eadie, Stuart Crawford, David Winter, Robert Anderson, Sophie Rose McCabe

Outlet Arts: Jamie Wardrop, Laura Edwards - LOOP Theatre, Paul Brotherston  - Blood of the Young, Melanie-Forbes Broomes, Bex Anson

“Cheap and affordable space in which to enable younger and emerging artists, musicians and creators to develop their work is a classic grassroots regeneration driver. Outlet Arts are filling a valuable role in their identification and management of a new space, where there is currently low provision in Glasgow. Their multi-disciplinary approach can help to create a focus for a new generation of creative producers in the city.” Angus Farquhar, Creative Director, NVA

Glasgow Theatre And Arts Collective is an artist led studio in the heart of the Govan area. GTAC believes in artists 'doing it for themselves' by being a hub to develop, collaborate and create new work. This is made possible through collective sharing of costs and administration to keep the space affordable as possible. 

Formed in 2011 the studio facility now supports a range of professional artists and companies including theatre makers, circus, digital art practices, dance, music and community led work. GTAC runs a variety of workshops, events and residencies open to the artistic community.

Jamie Wardrop is a founding member and director currently responsible for the day to day management and leadership of the organisation, in partnership with Bright Night International with the support of its core members.